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Jeffrey Moore, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California

Dr. Moore received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Brain & Cognitive Sciences from MIT. He received his Ph.D. in Neurosciences from UC San Diego, where he investigated neuronal oscillator dynamics and the hierarchical organization of motor circuits. As a postdoctoral scholar in the Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology at Harvard University, he collaborated with researchers at the Salk Institute to pioneer investigations into suckling behavior in newborns. Throughout his career he has developed new tools and strategies for dissecting neural circuits.


Jonathan Tangonan

Research Lab Technician, University of Southern California

Jonathan received a B.Sc. in Neuroscience from UCLA. Following his graduation, he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in 911 response serving both LA and Orange County. Jonathan is now working to support the efforts of Drs. Moore and McElvain with future aspirations to pursue a career as a neurologist.

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Yanyan Fang

PhD Student, Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Southern California

Yanyan received her B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UC Irvine. She is interested in the organization of brainstem neuronal circuits.

Adam Lu, MD, PhD

Visiting Scholar

Child Neurology Resident Physician and Donnell Scholar, Children's Hospital Los Angeles



Reha Matai

SOAR/SURF Undergraduate Researcher, University of Southern California

Reha is majoring in Computational Neuroscience. Her main interests lie at the intersection of computation and neuroscience, particularly in the context of building algorithms to diagnose neural disorders and examine structures of the brain.


Matthew Cheah

SOAR/URAP Undergraduate Researcher, University of Southern California

Matthew is studying Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He is very interested in research on innate behavior and how neural circuits are organized.


Allison Warren

Volunteer Undergraduate Researcher, University of Southern California

Allison is studying Computational Neuroscience. She is interested in using computational methods to study different aspects of brain organization and function.


We are recruiting motivated students, scientists, engineers, and staff at all experience levels. Please e-mail the PI (jdmoore AT usc DOT edu) if you are interested in joining our multidisciplinary Research Group.

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